Word On The Street


"As SVP & Chief Communications Officer of the Wendy's Company for more than 15 years, we built long-term relationships with key vendors. The VOLUME team helped us produce major meetings and conventions that had to wow our audience, including franchisees, employees, board members, suppliers and VIPs.  VOLUME provided a range of critical services and talent.  We considered them part of our team and they executed at a very high level.  The team was invaluable providing overall event management, as well as entertainment and venue negotiations.  Their set designs were spectacular."

John Barker
SVP & Chief Communications Officer, The Wendy's Company

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"Rae Nicks has been a colleague and associate for more than 17 years.  In that time it has been my observation that her greatest skill is her unwavering commitment to excellence while intuitively caring for the needs and vision of her clients and business partners. Creatively adept at understanding what's needed in a particular scenario she fairly assesses how to navigate for a positive and successful outcome. With a keen eye to value she is perhaps one of the top ten resource procurers in the industry.  She is a client advocate at all times assuring that their objectives are achieved by securing the most capable and sought after specialists available."

Ron Lamb
CEO, Source Line Development Network


"Rae Nicks and her Volume colleagues have become a key and much trusted element of our two annual national trade shows and convention events. Her professionalism and attention to detail have been heads and shoulders above any other A/V stage production companies we have worked with. Additionally, we count on Rae to book our annual classic rock concerts at our corporate events and she has always seen these negotiations through from start to finish without a hitch. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Rae is just a pure joy and pleasure to work with. I can always rely on her to take even the most potentially stressful onsite situations with union help, talent, or whatever have you, and just 'take care of it' without causing any unnecessary anxiety for me as the event owner. I highly recommend Volume, Inc."

Jeff Morey
Independent Garden Show Founder & CEO
Chicago & Baltimore


"Rae Nicks and the Volume team quickly became much more than producers of Wendy's major meetings--they were our partners in staging the entire meeting from guest arrival through departure.  They learned our business and company culture and helped us integrate it into every aspect of the meeting.  As we planned the next year's convention, Volume met our challenge of presenting our guests with a fresh and memorable experience...no resting on past laurels!"

Denny Lynch
Senior Vice President, Communications, The Wendy's Company
Chairman, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption